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Sonotix Triple Action Ear Cleaner

for Dogs and Cats

Triple action ear cleaner for dogs and cats that cleans, soothes and helps support healthy ears.

Any pet can suffer from dirty ears but dogs with floppy ears or hairy ear canals tend to be more prone. Sonotix is a gentle, but highly effective, dog and cat ear cleaner that contains a unique combination of ingredients to break down and dissolve ear wax whilst moisturising and restoring balance to help support healthy ears. Two interchangeable nozzles make cleaning easy - The short and firm nozzle can be used for a faster clean, and the long and flexible nozzle for when a deeper clean is required.


Triple action

Triple Action ear cleaner for dogs and cats

  • Dissolves ear wax fast
  • Neutralises odour with a refreshing lemon fragrance
  • Calms & soothes pet's ears


Gentle on the Skin

  • pH neutral
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Contains moisturising ingredients



Includes pet-friendly dual delivery system

  • Short and firm nozzle for short ear canal
  • Long and flexible nozzle for long ear canal


How Often Should I Worm?